Latin Ballroom Dancing

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Famous for its sensual actions and sexy styles, a Latin Ballroom dance is becoming very popular nowadays. Add to that are those famous Hollywood movies, where the main characters would perform this dance on the movie itself. Even those that are not fond of dancing will definitely enjoy watching the performers strut their stuff on the dance floor. This type of ballroom dancing is becoming a fad in western dance floors. More and more people are trying to learn the basics of this dance. This type of dance is just easy to learn, as it consists of basically the same steps.

The term “Latin dance” came from the name of the place where this famous dance came from. It originated from Latin American, and was introduced around the world. Among these dances are: Cha-cha, Samba, Jove, Paso Doble , Rumba and Salsa. Salsa is perhaps the most poplar among these dances. It came from the Caribbean, and right now, the dance steps combined both European and African styles. In general, salsa is considered a partner dance, which means that it must be danced along with a partner, although there are solo styles and group styles as well.

Due to its popularity, Latin Ballroom Dancing are being performed around the world by famous dance performers. This led to the creation of a famous dance competition, the Dance Sport, where dance participants from all over the world gather to compete with each other, and whoever wins will become the contender for next year’s competition.

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