Learn the Basic Steps of Salsa

Posted on February 11th, 2018 by admin in Ballroom Dance Style, Ballroom Dancing Tips

Salsa dancing is now popular worldwide specially throughout Latin America and the United States. Salsa can be danced with partners, individually or in groups and there are different styles depending on the cultural preference of the dancers. However, most of the basic steps are the same.

Why learn salsa?

Aside from being an enjoyable social dance with its fiery rhythms, happy up-beat mood and its sensuality salsa is also a unique form of exercise with several health benefits. It was found out that it helps with weight loss, relieves stress, helps release toxins through sweating, may also help lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels and can lead to a reduced heart rate over time. Salsa is a unique form of exercise in a way that it keeps the heart healthy while allowing the dancer to enjoy and engage in a social activity.

Who can learn salsa?

Anybody can! Anybody who can walk can definitely do salsa and there is no age limit! Got no partner? Can’t find one? That’s okay since one can learn salsa even at home in front of a mirror. You just need a videotape or an online class at least a night a week to learn those moves.

How to salsa?

Traditionally, the man leads and the woman follows. Her basic back movement mirrors that of the man’s forward movement. While he leads, the man only needs to indicate to her where he wants the woman to go or what he wants her to do. She, on the other hand, is responsible for moving herself where she is being led.

Now, learn to salsa!

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