Learn the Tango in easy steps

Posted on February 22nd, 2018 by admin in Ballroom Dance Style

If there’s one dance that people consider romantic and sexy, that would be the tango. It comes as no surprise that many people show a lot of interest in learning the famous moves they’ve seen in movies. Not to mention the sultry dresses women wear! As they swing and move their legs to the beat of the earthy and dramatic music, the swish of the skirt is a mesmerizing site indeed. Unlike the other ballroom dances, the movements involved in tango can either be slow and smooth, or sharp and strong. It is distinct in its own right and is easy on the eyes. A quick leg flip and a head snap usually signals the beginning of the dance.

Tango is a dance made for lovers. While it has the same circular flow as most other styles have, there is a sense of need emanating for both the man and woman. It seems as if they crave for the touch of the other person while their feelings of passion radiate all throughout the dance. And although it looks very complicated, the basic choreography involves alternating movement of the feet. The man starts and the woman mirrors what he does. Some people prefer to learn the tango with the help of the instructor. While studios can be found practically anywhere, you can equip yourself ahead of time by learning the most basic steps:

1. Stand up beside your partner and hold him close.

2. As he moves his right foot back, you step forward using left foot. The foot moves to where the body leans. Keep your heel off the ground while your leg trails smoothly. Avoid bouncing at all costs. Allow your heel to touch the floor only when you take a step back.

3. As he brings his left foot to the side, do the same with your right. This lateral movement begins with the leading foot extending to either direction that is quickly followed by shift in weight. Your feet come together soon after.

4. Switch sides and mirror his movement.

5. As he pivots his right foot to the left, do the same with your left. The leading leg should pull your body weight.

6. Switch sides when he does.

7. Add toe-taps and a variety of other movements only when you’ve grown comfortable and familiar with the dance.

8. Think like a cat and try to move like one all throughout. And remember, some people believe that it is actually the women who do the first move. However it will be for you, you shouldn’t act like a ragged doll being dragged around.

Tango is very much like walking with your partner. The major distinction here is that you face and hold each other close as you traipse your way through the floor.

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