Tips to use when learning to ballroom dance

Posted on February 20th, 2018 by admin in Ballroom Dancing Tips

Everyone seems to have gone crazy for Ballroom Dance Steps, from Modern and Freestyle to Ballroom and Latin American, with new reality dance shows popping up on TV almost each week. Two of the most popular are Dancing With the Stars in the US and the UK’s sister version, Strictly Come Dancing. The popularity of these series alone has soared, drawing millions of viewers and attracting sell-out audiences when the show is taken on the road.

It doesn’t stop there either as the pulling power of dance has inspired thousands of us to sign up for weekly Ballroom and Salsa classes or push back the furniture, roll up the carpet and learn ballroom dance steps in the comfort of our own home.

Wherever you are trying to keep in step, here are a few important pointers.

– Poise, this is one of the vital points to focus on when learning Ballroom Dance Steps or Latin American. Without the correct posture, you don’t have the right balance and, without that, you and your partner will not master the right holds, resulting in faulty footwork.

– Stick to easy ballroom dance steps to start with and ensure you have matching music to practise with.

– Make sure your knees and hips are nicely relaxed, thus making your moves to the music more fluid.

– Focus firmly on getting those first basic steps learned and practise them constantly, over and over, until they have become second nature. Don’t go for any fancy variations until this part is complete.

– It doesn’t matter whether you have amazingly nifty footwork if your body is all stiff and awkward. Fluid foot movements and a smooth flowing body working together will look really good so concentrate hard on getting these right.

– Remember the phrase “small step.” This is an important part of your dance bible rules. From a purely social dancing point of view, keeping your steps small means the dance will be much more enjoyable, far easier to lead and so very elegant and controllable.

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